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ChangXin Memory Technologies and Rambus Inc. Signed Patent License Agreement

ChangXin Memory Technologies, Inc. (CXMT) and Rambus Inc. (Rambus) recently signed a patent license agreement, under which CXMT has been granted a license to a wide range of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) patents from Rambus.

“The agreement with Rambus once again demonstrates our high attention to international intellectual property (IP) related rules and continued efforts to strengthen the company’s IP portfolio,” said Yiming Zhu, Chairman and CEO of CXMT.

“In order to achieve sustainable growth and gain competitiveness in the market, we are committed to continuously building upon our technology and IP assets through independent R&D efforts combined with global cooperation,” Zhu added.

“The Chinese DRAM market has seen considerable investment with CXMT emerging as the leader of China’s DRAM industry,” said Luc Seraphin, president and CEO of Rambus. “We are pleased that they have joined the global DRAM industry and have signed this long-term agreement, securing the rights meaningful to their business and recognizing the fundamental value of the broad Rambus memory patent portfolio.”

Other detailed information contained in the agreement was not disclosed.