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Sustainable Drupal

If Drupal is to grow rather than flatline, module quality has to improve. If modules are to improve, being a module maintainer has to be a profession. Injecting cash into an open source community is tricky and slow. Our approach honors our ethos and rewards our maintainers.

Pro Module Services

Drupal 8 modules: all services
Module audit/code review:
review of code to assess code quality, features, bugs, etc.
Module services: debugging, patching existing module, new features and functionality
Module ports: Drupal 5 through Drupal 8
Module management: monitoring issue queues or as Tier 3 support

Top Shelf Modules Advanced

Quality Badges Matter

26,000+ modules and counting. Modules are a byzantine maze of code in every conceivable variation of quality, functionality and state. This deters customers, site administrators, new users and all but the faint of heart. Quality badges provide assurance and standards to lower risk and raise confidence that Drupal works.

Module Concierge

For companies expanding their marketshare into the Drupalsphere, we are a fast and reliable path to connecting your product or service to Drupal. Protect your brand and reputation by having a professionally written module that meets our tough standards. Get the inside track on your competitors and free your engineers' time and focus. You'll be glad you did.